Music, I believe, is one of the most important things that the world has to offer. Music has a way of touching you in a way in which you had no idea was possible. The definition of music is, “the vocal or instrumental sounds that are combined in a way that produces beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion.” The last part of that sentence is my favorite part. Music is one of the greatest ways to express your emotion. Have you ever heard lyrics from a song and you think to yourself that that is exactly how you’re currently feeling in your life? Whether its a sad song, happy, love, etc. music speaks to us in so many ways.

There are other important things music brings to the world. It constantly is reminding us of past memories, people, events that have happened in our lives that hold meaning to it. It helps with our memory to a huge extent.

Music has been proven to help people with language as well. The more music you listen to, the more your vocabulary opens up and gets better over time.

Music helps people with exercising as well. So many people feel like listening to music when they are either lifting weights or running a couple miles help them take their mind off of the painful part of working out. It pushes people to go a little harder with that adrenaline rush of the music being heard.

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